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Candidate for School Board
Bedford, NH - 3 Year Term

As a result of my experience as a youth suicide prevention educator, I recognize deeply that schools are not simply a place where Math, English and Science are taught. Schools are so much more than that. They are a place for connection and community; a place where everlasting bonds are formed. I am an excellent choice to fill the three year term for the school board because I understand what teachers, students and families need to not just learn at school, but to THRIVE.

I am motivated to serve as a School Board Member to continue to make a difference for the future of our children. l am a responsible and balanced leader who will work to ensure that all sides of an issue are considered before decisions are made. I will rely on the experience of our trusted educators and administrators, as well as the latest research and data, to inform my judgment on difficult issues.

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About Me
My husband, Jim, and I moved to Bedford in November 2009 with our growing family. We chose Bedford for several reasons but the main attractions were great public schools for our two boys, the gorgeous New Hampshire landscape, and the proximity to both our families in Massachusetts and northern NH.

Community service is important to our family. I taught Art at Mill Falls Charter School and for several years at the Canvas Roadshow. I have volunteered in our Bedford schools with the book fair, the Great Artist Series program, and many other classroom roles. I currently volunteer for NH4Ukraine.org - helping provide marketing and fundraising support.  Each of these experiences has brought me a deeper connection to my community and a broader understanding of our community needs.

I worked for several years for a non-profit focused specifically on youth mental health awareness and suicide prevention and have educated thousands of school staff across New Hampshire in youth suicide prevention. I am certified to teach the SOS Signs of Suicide Program and most recently, became certified to train adults on Youth Mental Health First Aid. Though my full time job is no longer in suicide prevention, I still volunteer a great deal in the mental health space. I created a project called Connect The Dots - a website and social media presence aimed at suicide prevention and awareness. I created Connect the Dots because I wanted to make it easier for anyone to find the help that they needed. Currently, I am a graphic designer and marketing specialist for TCB Agency.